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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Vrudh Sahay Yojana Gujarat

 Vrudh Sahay Yojana Gujarat Detail Application Structure and complete Methodology of the vay vandana Plan in gujarat.It was dispatched by Service of Provincial Turn of events. All people of 60 years or more and having a place with beneath the destitution line class as per the measures recommended by the Public authority of India time to time, are qualified to be a recipient of the plan. It is a piece of Public Social Help Program (NSAP).Member of BPL family matured 60 or above, get the measure of 750/month and matured 80 or above get the measure of 1000/month. 

The motivation behind this Advancement Manual for web-based interface based Public Social Help Program (NSAP) Plan is to make an empowering component for improved execution of the Midway Supported Plan (CSS) at the front line, prompting upgraded results in nature and degree. Likewise, it would go about as a guide for execution by the Area Gatherer and key functionaries at Region, Square and GP level to empower speedy finding out about the Plan, execution modalities, jobs and obligations of different functionaries just as partners. 

It was begun in first april 2008 in our Gujart this plan dispatch by focal legislature of India. The Federal retirement aide Division works with to profit social strengthening through the exercises of government assistance and recovery of the more vulnerable segments of the general public like Vagrants, desperate, kids and young people, who are gone to hostile exercises and the young ladies who became prey to the conditions, genuinely and intellectually impaired youngsters and grown-ups, old matured people, penniless widows and hobos. Least Section Age in this Plan is 60 Years (finished) or more. 

Indira Gandhi Public mature Age annuity Plan (Vaya Vandana Yojana Gujarat) 

(1)  vrudh sahay yojna Eligibility Criteria:

➤ 60 years or more age male or female

➤ Individual from the family in 0 to 20 score of BPL list From DRDA division

(B) A spot to give application: ➤ Separate mamlatdar office, Jan Seva Kendra of particular area authority workplaces 

(C) Records to be connected with the application 

➤ Age Declaration 

➤ BPL Authentication 

➤ Aadhar Card Duplicate 

➤ Ledger Number/Dropped Check 

➤ Application Structure 

➤ Birth Authentication/Leaving Testament/epic Card 

➤ Visa Size Photo 

➤Age testament from Clinical Official and so forth 

➤ Pay Testament 

(D) Month to month Help: ➤Rs.750/ - for 60 to 79 age gathering and Rs. 1000/ - for over 80 years which additionally incorporates Rs. 500/ - by State Government. 

(E) Method of help: ➤Bymoneyorder. Choice to get monetary help through Post Record or Ledger annuity by D.B.T. credit. 

vrudh sahay yojna Where to apply and Allure

 ➤ Apply to separate Taluka Mamlatdar.The Taluka Mamlatdars are approved to affirm or dislike the help under this plan. An allure can be given to Prant Official in 60 days if there should arise an occurrence of dissatisfaction with regards to the application.

The target of the plan: To give money related help to the old under the Public Social Help Program (NSAP). 

Qualification principles 

The candidate must be more than 60 years old. 

Remembered for the score of 0 to 12 in the BPL list. 

Advantages/Help of the plan 

Month to month help of Rs.500/ - for 40 to 5 years (Rs.500/ - Legislature of India and Rs.500/ - State Government) 

Month to month help to those over 60 years old (Rs. 500/ - Legislature of India 500/ - State Government) 

Giving budgetary help to the older under the Public Social Help Program (NSAP). 

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