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Thursday, 3 June 2021

Online Light Bill Onlight Light Bill for all gujarat

Online Light Bill

Onlight Light Bill for all gujarat.

 Easy & fastest way to check your electricity bill details.

Without login into any website, you can pay your last electricity bill via this Electricity Bill Payment App Paytm, Phonepay, Google Pay, Ippb etc. You can view your electricity bill details and last payment and last bill amount from the official site of various vij company ltd. You can check bill details of any person by entering consumer no. Of bill. You can also pay vill amount from the official website of various vij company ltd.

Electricity Bill Payment India:

 In All states of Intact India many people stays in line for payment of his/her electricity bill (Light bill ). Because they don't know how to pay bill without visiting bill collecting office at home online from own mobile. Yes, you can pay any bills like electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, mobile bills, etc. There are lots of bills can be paid online from home using mobile online without visiting any bills receiving office or booths. 

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Electricity Bill Payment Sources:

There are lots of sources available to pay bills from mobile using various apps or websites. Some of them are as under:





IPPB ( India Post Payments Bank )

BhimUPI App 




Any none to lite bill mobile use to pay all ready anyone pepole .

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Online Electricity Bill Payment Benifits:

There are lots of benifits you have paying electricity bills online from home from mobile. However i have describes some benifits from them are as under :

Main benifit is Time Saving. You can save your time by paying bills online.

 you can pay bills at any time 7*24 hours from home. No need to wait for opening of bills collecting office.

 You can save money by paying bills online. You can save money of auto rickshaw charges.

 You can check your bills paid amount online without visiting bills collecting office.

 You can check your last bill amount and last consumption units.

 You can check present consumption units and amount of bill.

 If you want to check your bill online from your mobile without going outside of home, you need to click on link given below. You have to click on your electricity provider company and have to enter your consumer number given in old bills. Then click on check you can see your bill amount with consumption units with your name. You can download bill also to your mobile by clicking on download bill.

 All pay bill importan link click hear 

Pay Online Light Bill Below Link:

 UGVCL Customer Click Here

 MGVCL Customer Click Here

 DGVCL Customer Click Here

 PGVCL Customer Click Here